D.R. Horton Third Quarter 2012 Numbers

Quarter  Three

12 Months


$100.1M  +180.4%

$956.2M +12.3

Home Deliveries

5,575  +11.8%

18,890 +13.2%

New Orders

5,276 +24.4%

21,048 +20.8%


Behind the Numbers:

Horton’s income for the quarter was the highest it has been in 22 quarters, and its fiscal-year backlog was the largest since 2007. With $1.3 billion in the bank, Horton is poised to make whatever investment would be necessary to stay at the top of the public home builder pyramid. Its continued profitability allowed the company to bring $713 million back on the balance sheet that it had reserved.

D.R. Horton's fiscal year ends September 30.