D.R. Horton Second Quarter 2012 Numbers

Quarter Two

Fiscal Year


$787.8M +2,644.9%

$856.2M +2,278.3

Home Deliveries

4,957  +8.8%

 13,315 +13.7%

New Orders

6,079 +24.7%

15,772 +19.7%


Behind the Numbers:

Thanks to a tax benefit of $716.7 million, D.R. Horton posted a massive increase in income. However, even without the benefit, the company still turned a tidy income of $72.2 million, a 150% jump over last year in the same quarter. All the company’s regions were profitable in the quarter, increasing net sales even as the number of communities opened was down by 5%. That should change soon as the company brings online a raft of new lots it has optioned, 41% more lots than last year in the same quarter.

D.R. Horton’s fiscal year ends September 30.