D.R. Horton Inc. First Quarter 2012 Numbers
Quarter One
Profit/(Loss) $40.6 M +46.0% YOY
Home Deliveries 4,420 +20.6% YOY
New Orders 5,899 +19.3% YOY

Behind the Numbers:

Not only did D.R. Horton turn a profitable quarter, but also it turned in one much more profitable than analysts were expecting—nearly half again as good as the same quarter a year ago. And the company hasn’t even gotten to its busiest portion of the year, which starts now and runs through the end of September. Management is so sure of the company’s continuing profitability that it said it expects to be out of the three-year cumulative loss position by the end of September.

D.R. Horton’s fiscal year ends Sept. 30.