Beazer Homes USA First Quarter 2012 Numbers

Quarter Three

Fiscal Year


($60.4)M -42.4%

($135.6)M +32.3%

Home Deliveries

1,608 +16.9%

4,428 +36.3%

New Orders

1,110 +10.3%

4,901 +24.8%

Behind the Numbers:

Profitability eluded Beazer during its fiscal year, but it reduced its loses from 2011 by about a  third. Home sales and deliveries showed jumps. Part of Beazer’s loss can be attributed to its reconfiguration of debt during its most recent quarter, which caused a $45.1 million charge. Restructuring the debt has put Beazer in a better position by reducing its interest expenses and giving it cash to bring new communities on line that should deliver closings in 2014, the company said in a news release announcing the earnings.

Beazer's fiscal year ended Sept. 30.