Homes with kitchens that are painted in warm and neutral yellow or green hues can command a $1,360 premium, according to a new analysis from home-design database Zillow Digs.

Of the 50,000 homes analyzed in the study, Zillow Digs found that creamy or wheat-colored yellow kitchen paints yielded the highest premium at $1,360 over expected value, while a color-lacking white or eggshell kitchen can bring in $82 less than expected.

A home with bedrooms painted light green or khaki can bring in $1,332 more but will lose $236 with a dark brown bedroom. Purple hues of mauve, eggplant, or lavender in dining rooms will bring in an extra $1,122, but dark gray or slate dining rooms will cause the price to plummet $1,112 below expected value.

Dove or light gray living rooms increase price by $1,104, but go with terracotta and the home will bring in $793 less than expected.

Oatmeal or beige bathrooms command $283 more in price, but bathrooms in dark brown bring in $469 less.

The "best-selling" warm colors appear stylish and clean, and have mass appeal which can attract a larger number of potential buyers to a for-sale home.