The three-bedroom Victorian home in San Francisco that was used as the exterior shot of the popular 1980s sitcom Full House can be rented for $14,000 per month and was sold for $4 million earlier this year reports CityLab's David Dudley. The astronomical price comes from the fame-related inflation, even in a hot housing market like the Bay Area. But it's not the only one.

Richie Cunningham’s family’s stately Colonial from Happy Days in Los Angeles is currently estimated to be worth $3 million, while Mike Brady’s North Hollywood rancher was listed for $2 million in 2008.

But some sitcom homes are more affordable than others. Dudley writes:

In the blue-collar world of 1990s hit Roseanne, a modest bungalow in Evansville, Indiana, provided the exterior for the Conner family home. It’s a relative bargain in the world of sitcom housing, selling for $129,000 in 2013, complete with knotty pine-paneled basement rumpus room. Still, the authentically downscale environs of Roseanne remain something of an anomaly in the cities of American television, where striving young urbanites reside in ludicrously vast apartments and even Archie Bunker’s place in Queens is worth about $600,000.

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