Easy Estimate Sage Software is offering a new product through its development partner Innovaya that lets builders run an estimate from a 3-D AutoCAD file. The software—Visual Estimating—integrates with Sage Timberline Office, an accounting and estimating package used by hundreds of builders. In the past, builders would have to translate a 3-D file into 2-D, work out all of the calculations manually, and then enter them back into the system. Visual Estimating automates the process. For more information, visit www.sagetimberlineoffice.com.

Weather Report BellSouth and The Weather Channel now offer Notify!, a new service that provides alerts and warnings of severe weather such as tornados, thunderstorms, and flash floods. The alerts can be delivered to up to three phones, as well as e-mail addresses and text pagers. Interested builders can sign up for a 30-day free trial by visiting www.bellsouth.com/weather. After the trial period, an annual fee of $49.99 is billed to the customer's credit card.