The percentages of homes sold above list and in under 30 days in the winter is very close to the data recorded for spring sales in the same period, Redfin finds.

In order to determine the best time of year for listing a home, Redfin has analyzed over 7 million home sales over the past four years, categorized them by the season in which they were listed, and then determined the percentage of homes in each season that sold above listing price or sold within 30 days. They found that while the spring offered the highest chance of selling above listing price (18.7%) or within 30 days (48.0%), winter, “the supposed slow season for real estate”, came in at a very close second. 17.5% of homes listed in winter sold above their list, and 46.2% were off-market within 30 days.

While winter can get a bad rap, it’s not a bad time to list a home. “You may have fewer people looking to buy, but those who are looking are serious,” said Michelle Leader, a Redfin real estate agent in Oklahoma City. “Buyers that time of year often need to move, so they’re much less likely to make a lowball offer and they’ll often want to close quickly — two things that can make the sale much smoother.”

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