In 2012, the percentage of million dollar homes in San Francisco was just 20%, but today 57% of homes are worth that much. ValueWalk takes a look at Trulia blog's map of the Bay Area market which plots all of it's million dollar homes.

The individual neighborhoods in San Francisoco are enough to give viewers cause for pause: 2.9% of homes in San Francisco's Westwood Park cost more than a million dollars in 2012, but that number is at 96% today. These costs are not just isolated in San Francisco:

While San Francisco gets the majority of the attention for its housing prices, the situation is actually much wider in scope. San Jose and Oakland have seen the percentage of such houses increase to 46.3% and 19.7% respectively. Meanwhile, in Southern California, the number of $1 million houses have doubled in both San Diego and Los Angeles over the last four years.

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