A screenshot of Max Galka’s map. Access the interactive map at metrocosm.com.

Max Galka of metrocosm.com has taken Zillow’s county-by-county data on housing costs per square foot and rendered it as a three-dimensional map, in which housing costs are indicated by county-shaped “spires of color”, according to Jody Meacham of the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

The top-down view of the map does not give as good a perspective on housing prices as a side view, which demonstrates the staggering heights of prices in New York and the Bay Area as compared to the rest of the country.

The interactive version of Galka’s map allows the user to adjust their view of the map by dragging it with their mouse, and hover over any U.S. county on which there is data and observe the average price per square foot of housing space in that county. (No data is available for dark purple areas.) The interactive map is available at metrocosm.com, or at the Dallas Business Journal.

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