Here are more signs that the midwest is becoming a hot housing market. The Indianapolis Star reports:

Tyler and Brenda Ewigleben found out firsthand how competitive the Indianapolis-area housing market is when they decided to buy their first home this spring.

They looked at two homes near Downtown that sold within days of being placed on the market and for amounts over the list price. When they found a house they liked in the trendy Fletcher Place neighborhood, they knew their initial offer on the two-bedroom ranch with a loft would have to blow away the seller.

"The home we ended up purchasing," Tyler said, "we actually offered $10,000 over the asking price because we were aware of multiple offers. We felt like we had to if we wanted our offer to be taken seriously."

The housing market began to rebound three years ago. But real estate agents say homes are selling now as fast as they have seen in their careers. Sales close within days, and sometimes hours, of homes being listed. The market is especially fast and furious throughout Hamilton County and the suburbs, but it's also moving quickly throughout Marion County, especially in up-and-coming neighborhoods near Downtown.

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