According to the latest Redfin survey of home sellers, 52 percent believe that now is a good time to sell a home in their neighborhood, up from 34 percent last year, and 58 percent believe sellers have more power than buyers in the current housing market, up from 44 percent.

June 2016 was the fastest, most competitive housing market on record, according to Redfin. New housing inventory is at an all-time national low, a figure which favors existing sellers. At the same time, this is nearly the highest level of seller confidence Redfin has recorded.

30 percent of sellers surveyed are concerned about buying another home, but overall seller concern is down seven percentage points from Q2 2016. 40 percent of sellers are looking for larger or nicer homes, and 15 percent are looking for better school districts, up from 7 percent last year.

Sellers’ pricing strategies have remained unchanged, with pricing in a middle range as the most favorable option.

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