With baseball season about to officially get underway, Trulia examined home values around the 29 Major League Baseball stadiums in the U.S. and compared them with values in their respective metros as a whole. Eighteen of the 29 stadiums had higher median home values compared to the cities in which they resided, reports David Weidner of Trulia.

The area surrounding Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, had home values that were 81.7% higher than the New York City metro area, the largest disparity in the nation, although Trulia attributes this to the ball park's proximity to Manhattan's Upper East Side (from which the staduim is separated by a river and bridges). The neighborhood around the Oakland Athletics stadium, on the other hand, had home values 55.9% lower than the Oakland metro as a whole.

Newer stadiums also tend to be located in pricier neighborhoods. Of the 14 stadiums built since 1999, only two neighborhoods – around Marlins Park in Miami and Miller Park in Milwaukee – had home values lower than the metros in which they were located.

When it came to older stadiums home values were more split. Of the 11 stadiums built in, or before, 1999, six had home values and rents at or above the median market rate.

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