U.S. News & World Report's Devon Thorsby takes a look at a seemingly small detail that can be a major deal-breaker (or maker) for homebuyers and sellers.

The type of road a house is located on, backs up, to or is even in the vicinity of can impact home's resale value and how long it takes to find a buyer. Homes on culs-de-sac are more desirable, as they offer privacy and have minimal traffic. On the contrary, high-traffic roads make for a hassle getting in and out of the driveway. They're also often loud.

“If you go in most of these homes, there would be some perceptible traffic noise, but it’s not worth a home being 30% less–the reason is because of the perception of a home on a busy road and the difficulty selling it,” says Greg Hague, CEO of Real Estate Mavericks, a real estate coaching firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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