As the old saying goes, there is strength in numbers, and with an official count of 235,000 members, the NAHB is larger and stronger now than ever before in its 65-year history.

From advocacy to auto discounts, the NAHB offers a wide range of unique benefits, and I urge local associations to make sure that all of their members—especially the new ones—are familiar with the benefits and services they can access.

POWERFUL PERKS One of the most valuable services the NAHB offers is powerful advocacy. Our association is highly regarded on Capitol Hill and throughout the regulatory community and is currently ranked at No. 11 among Fortune magazine's Power 25 advocates. Fighting to defend housing affordability and defeat excessive laws and regulations is a daily occurrence at our headquarters in Washington, in every state, and in the communities where members do business. It's just one of the many reasons we're known as the voice of the housing industry, and our voice grows stronger with every new member we add.

The NAHB is also the nation's foremost source of information for and about the housing industry. From print publications to e-newsletters, members-only Web content, special reports, economic studies, and hundreds of industry-specific publications at, the NAHB provides information and analysis that is available nowhere else.

To help members develop and keep a competitive edge, the NAHB also offers hundreds of nationally recognized educational programs at the International Builders' Show and at seminars across the country. No matter what the specialty, the NAHB has the curriculum, instructors, and knowledge to help members boost their success. And in some disciplines, members can earn professional designations that attest to their expertise.

The NAHB also provides countless valuable networking opportunities for members, including the largest networking event of all, the International Builders' Show, where members get a first-hand look at the latest products and services developed for housing and the home building business.

Another important resource is the NAHB's professional staff. More than 300 industry experts, including distinguished economists, legal research staff, finance experts, and regulatory and technical specialists, stand ready every business day to address members' specific business questions.

Among the hundreds of services and benefits the NAHB offers, one of the most popular is member-only discounts on car rentals, office products, computers, payroll services, overnight delivery, and more. Last year, members saved a total of more than $10 million through the discount program, and more than 350 state and local associations earned money through a related revenue-sharing program that distributed over $600,000 nationwide.

THE AFFILIATE ADVANTAGE Finally, I want to mention changes to the Affiliate membership category that provide significant growth opportunities for the NAHB and add value to existing memberships.

At its meeting in February, the NAHB board of directors changed the national dues for the Affiliate membership category, which accommodates the employees of current members, to $5 annually. This change provides HBAs with an unparalleled opportunity to grow their memberships, enhance their member benefits, and increase their grassroots strength and participation.

I encourage associations that do not recognize the Affiliate category to consider it. The Affiliate category is a benefit for our members, a benefit for the association, and a benefit for the industry.

For more information about Affiliate membership or the services and benefits that the NAHB offers members, contact the NAHB at 800-368-5242 or visit our Web site at

Brian C. Catalde

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