Texas is experiencing a building boom, and builders there need labor more than ever, both on site and in management. At North Lake College in Dallas, students are filing in for a two-year construction management degree.

Brad Bosher, an instructor of the program, says his three classes are full with 24 students each, compared to a few years ago when he saw maybe 15 students at a time. Most of the students work full-time during the day and take courses at night, and the program is seeing 100% employment after graduation.

Kera News visited the program recently and spoke with students who are already using their knowledge from class on a job site, like Jesse Johnson. Johson started as an assistant superintendent with Sequel Home Builders, making $30,000 a year. He's been promoted recently and makes about $15,000 per home he completes. With his classes he's learned to cut the time it takes him to complete a house from 12 months to less than 8 months, which means more income for him.

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