While the NAHB Research Center is widely known for its product testing certification programs, some may not be as familiar with its work for government agencies. For decades, the center has provided guidance in home building innovation, natural disaster assistance, condition assessments, and other custom government consulting services to small and large agencies, at local and federal levels.

A recent example was highlighted in a contract the center received this fall from the U.S. Army’s Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management. Under this contract, the center will provide technical assistance in support of the growing need for quality affordable housing and barracks for military personnel.

Army Housing programs provide a major incentive for recruiting and retaining individuals to serve in the Army. Maintaining safe, attractive, and convenient housing and barracks is one of the Army’s continuing challenges. Some of the tasks that will tap into the center’s experience and specialty include:

• Developing life-cycle economic analysis models for Army-owned or privatized housing and barracks

• Conducting cost-benefit analyses, business case analyses, and market-specific economic analyses

• Managing specialized housing and barracks assessments to evaluate the condition of housing stock

• Providing advice on green building, energy efficiency, and sustainability

• Conducting on-site energy analyses for houses, barracks, or housing areas on installations

• Testing new and emerging building materials, products, and technologies for possible use

• Advising Army leadership on best practices to promote homeownership for soldiers

• Providing expertise in housing and barracks program development and management

• Analyzing impacts of changing housing requirements and providing strategies to mitigate housing inventory shortfalls

• Surveying installation based on the Whole-Neighborhood Revitalization Guide, Army standards, and Installation Design Guides

• Assisting in the collection, measurement, and analysis of key Army housing design, functionality, and adequacy data

• Providing analysis to support the determination of worldwide Army housing sustainment and revitalization requirements

• Analyzing housing and barracks investment and divestment opportunities

• Performing housing requirement analyses for selected installations to determine “best use” of existing assets

• Coordinating with local home builder organizations and local elected officials to develop growth patterns that will ensure quality housing opportunities

For more information on the center’s government consulting services, visit www.nahbrc.com/services/government_consulting, or contact Tom Kenney, vice president of contract research, at 800-638-8556.