In the current economy, many people are having to do more with less; others are looking for the best long-term savings from the operation of their homes; and others are convinced that “green” is the way to go. Is your home plan portfolio up to the challenge of responding to these new and ever-changing customer needs? Let us help you evaluate your customers’ wants and needs, and translate that into the designs in your portfolio. Below are just a few of the offerings in our “Portfolio Rehab” suite of services.

Marketing Techniques and Incentives: There are lots of different variables that account for buyers being hesitant to buy homes, and there are just as many incentives builders can use to get those potential buyers in the door. But not every builder is using the right incentives to appeal to his/her market. We’ve done studies that show buyers are often far more responsive to some typically lower-cost incentives than those that are higher-cost, but more commonly used.

Finding the Right Design for Your Market: Our research shows that offering a potential buyer a home with the perfect design and features for their lifestyle is about 40 percent more likely to motivate them to buy than a home priced 10 percent below fair market value.

Maximizing the Value and Marketability of Your Green Certified Home: Canned “green designs” might not work for your customers given the wide variability in markets and regionality of home design. We start by testing your market to see what level of green your consumers value. Then, a green analysis would address all aspects of green building to help you determine how to get to the level of green you want to attain for a specific home.

We can provide assistance to your company at any stage of its “reinvention.” For more information on any of the services described, call 800-638-8556.