Stock prices for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac rose more than 60% after Tuesday’s election.

The share prices for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have risen more than 60% since Election Day, a response that John Carney of The Wall Street Journal attributes to the hope that the new administration will not wind down or dissolve the government mortgage lenders as the Obama administration had considered.

However, there is no indication yet that any action will be taken on housing finance in this administration, or of what form that action might take.

“It is impossible to anticipate with any certainty what path we will see on Fannie and Freddie reform in the next few years of Republican control, as the Republican caucus is divided and Trump himself has expressed no public view on the issue,” said Jim Parrott, a former senior adviser to the Obama administration who now advises financial institutions on housing-finance issues through his firm, Falling Creek Advisors.

Carney does predict that if and when housing finance reform occurs, its compromises will be formed around the interests of the Republican party’s split factions, unlike the Democrat and Republican compromises attempted in the Obama administration.

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