Data on home equity loan trends, in volume and dollars borrowed.

Lenders are trying to offset faltering mortgage originations and a refinancing wave that is fizzling out. For borrowers, the move comes as home values continue to rise.

Wall Street Journal staffer Annamaria Andriotis reports that as the broader mortgage market remains in the doldrums, banks are again touting home-equity lines of credit, which allow homeowners to draw down the equity in their home as they need the cash, as well as cash-out refinances, which involve taking cash out of a home while refinancing and ending up with a larger mortgage balance. Andriotis writes:

Lenders are betting that offers for home-equity lines of credit, or helocs, will resonate with many borrowers whose home values are higher than they were just a couple of years ago and who need cash for renovations or other expenses after holding on to their homes for longer than expected.

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