The regulatory environment for lenders has changed since the housing crisis, and those changes have made the mortgage lending process more difficult. HousingWire staffer Ben Lane reports on Pulte Mortgage President and CEO Debra Still's presentation at the "Data, Demand, and Demographics: A Symposium on Housing Finance" where she outlined the difficulties for her own company.

Besides notable changes like how much more it costs Pulte Mortgage to originate a mortgage now than it did in 2006, the mix of mortgage type has shifted:

In 2006, Pulte’s mortgage production broke down this way: 49% of Pulte’s mortgages were non-agency loans, 47% were conventional loans (sold to one of the government-sponsored enterprises), 2% were Federal Housing Administration loans, and 2% were Department of Veterans Affairs.

Contrast that with this year, when 70% of Pulte’s loans are conventional, 12% are VA loans, 11% are FHA loans, and just 7% are non-agency.

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