One’s credit score goes a long way in determining whether they’re going to get a mortgage. And the area in which that person lives also plays a big role, according to a report from Urban Institute.

CNBC staffer John W. Schoen reports that while lending standards nationwide may remain steady in 2016, there’s a wide range from metro-to-metro. Borrowers in Detroit, for example, can qualify for a home mortgage with an average FICO credit score of 728. That's still well above the lending requirements during the housing boom, but it's lower than the 770 score for the average borrower in San Francisco.

Part of the reason lenders are willing to approve borrowers with lower credit scores is that the city's housing market is distressed and demand is strong from lower income borrowers, who tend to have lower credit scores, says Bing Bai, a researcher who helped prepare the report for the Urban Institute.

To view the full break down of average FICO scores needed to qualify for a home mortgage, click below.

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