Far from simply a case of "bad" subprime borrowers who fail to make payments and "good" affluent borrowers who stay on top of their mortgages, Dr. Housing Bubble contends that more and more borrowers–"A" paper and otherwise–will follow in the footsteps of former American League MVP Jose Canseco by walking away from homes that have gone underwater. For that story and more, check out Big Builder's bi-weekly roundup of the latest in opinion and commentary across the Web.

Seeking Alpha calls for new legislation to allow investment vehicles to be held in individual IRAs in order to infuse the ailing financial and housing markets with a new source of capital.

The Wall Street Journal points to a recent New York Times article in its discussion of the result of private equity investment on the New York rental market.

The Housing Bubble relates a string of woe-laden real estate tales throughout Florida.

BusinessWeek's Hot Property looks at "mortgage loan welfare," and recent criticisms of a proposed homeowner bailout that would unfairly tax renters to reduce the burden on those who unprudently purchased more home than they could afford.

Inman News reports on a canine-friendly community event that cleverly targets homeowners in the greater San Francisco Bay Area as potential buyers.

Reggie Middleton's Boom Bust explains why MBIA should be put out of its proverbial misery.

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