To provide our readers with one-stop-shopping in the quest for breaking news, Big Builder scoured the Web for thought-provoking and engaging analysis of recent home building headlines. Check out what these industry experts have to say about the current state of the market.

Based on a positive 3.9% economic growth rate in 2007's third quarter and the energy sector's particularly strong performance spurred by increased commodity prices and falling dollar value, John Burns Real Estate Consulting expects a housing market recovery sooner than previously anticipated.

The effects of investor-owned for-sale inventory on the Phoenix, Ariz., housing market.

From the challenge of managing buyer demand in the boom days to today's struggle of stimulating it.

Graphs plotting median housing prices, sales cycles, existing- vs. new-home sales, historical mortgage interest rates, U.S. consumer credit (non-revolving vs. revolving), and total household credit as a percentage of GDP with analysis of each.

The housing market in Washington, D.C., and the questionable insulation of the area "inside the Beltway."

A look at recent fallout from the subprime mortgage crisis, including San Mateo County, Calif.'s call for a three-month suspension of foreclosures and Manhattan's increase in condo fee defaults.

Median prices in Southern California continue to increase even as sales declines, Floridian real estate agents pray for an end to the downturn, and failed investors find financial success through book sales--the lighter side of the housing bubble.