Jumbo loan origination rates have risen over the course of 2016, owing to looser underwriting rules.

Over the course of this year, both Total Mortgage Services and loanDepot.com have reported a rise in their jumbo-loan origination volume. Total Mortgage services originated 54 jumbo loans in August 2016, up from 19 originations in January, and loanDepot.com’s originations rose by 17% in the first six months of 2016. At the same time, TMS reported that its August borrowers had an average monthly income of $18,567, compared to $25,059 in January.

The Wall Street Journal’s Robyn A. Friedman attributes these shifts to looser underwriting rules across the jumbo loan origination and investment sphere. Jumbo loans have developed a reputation for their “excellent” credit performance, according to Redwood Trust president Christopher J. Abate, and originators and investors alike want more of them.

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