Craig Oliver, a convicted con man who took $2.5 million in cash for promised home renovations he never delivered, slipped away before he could be sent to prison more than a decade ago. This week, the FBI thought it had him located in Los Angeles, but he was gone by the time agents arrived, reports Washington Post staff Rachel Weiner.

Oliver had posed as a contractor in Northern Virginia, proferring showrooms, glowing references, and a valid license. The license was stolen, and he would work only until he could cash a client’s check.

Prosecutors in Alexandria’s federal court identified 68 such victims, and in 2005 Oliver pleaded guilty to wire fraud. But he disappeared before his sentencing, let out of jail on a $150,000 bond.

A new round of FBI publicity led to an anonymous tip that Oliver and his wife were working as consultants to a home-improvement business in the Los Angeles area.

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