One of the best things about a member-driven association like the NAHB is that it provides everyone throughout the federation with opportunities to participate in the political process. Whether it’s a meeting with the local city council or an appointment on Capitol Hill with one of the most influential members of Congress, anyone in our federation can be a part of the NAHB’s efforts to impress upon lawmakers at all levels of government that housing must be a key element in the nation’s economic recovery efforts.

Many members participate in our annual Legislative Conference, meeting with their senators and representatives and serving as advocates for the housing industry. Their efforts on Capitol Hill are invaluable to the NAHB and our industry, and their commitment and hard work have contributed greatly to our reputation as one of the most effective groups in Washington. The members who participate in the Legislative Conference are truly the backbone of our advocacy efforts, and there’s no way to thank them enough for their contributions.

But there’s a lot of truth in the old saying that “there is strength in numbers,” and in today’s struggling housing market and turbulent economy, we need all the numbers we can get.

If you have never participated in one of our Legislative Conferences or haven’t participated recently, please consider joining us this year. We need you like never before and would be very pleased to have you in our ranks as we take housing’s concerns to Capitol Hill.

Our annual Legislative Conference is scheduled for March 24, and unlike recent years, it will be held separate from the spring Board of Directors Meeting. This schedule change brings members to Washington early on in the 111th Congress and will provide a great opportunity for us to meet with lawmakers and discuss the state of the housing market and the economy and what it will take to move forward.

In particular, we will be discussing legislative provisions and policies that will help stabilize the housing market, reduce foreclosures, and restore confidence in the credit markets. And we will be emphasizing that housing should be a priority in any economic stimulus measures that are considered.

On the day of the conference, the NAHB staff will brief participants on these and other key issues. Then the bulk of the day will be spent in individual meetings with members of Congress and their staffs. Following these discussions, the NAHB’s grassroots advocates will meet with staff for a debriefing.

There’s no doubt that when the grassroots speak, Congress listens. I’m hoping that on March 24, the NAHB speaks with its loudest voice yet and makes an indelible impression on Capitol Hill. Whether it’s your first Legislative Conference or your 20th, I’m looking forward to seeing you on March 24. We have a lot to accomplish.

For more information about the NAHB’s Legislative Conference, visit or contact Molly Murray at 800-368-5242, ext. 8282 or

Even if you cannot get to Washington to participate in the Legislative Conference, you can still contribute to the effort by meeting with your senators and representatives when Congress recesses and lawmakers return home. Please contact Molly ­Murray for more information.

Joe Robson
Cahriman of the Board,