We have been talking for years about the lot shortages that builders are facing.  Now, it’s time to talk about how many lots are being developed.  Builders and developers are now playing “catch-up,” with builders buying land and lots and developers/investors paving roads and putting in infrastructure to serve the builders’ needs at a frenetic pace.

The pace of lot delivery (completion, ready for the builder) has gone up 140% in the past two years, much faster than the pace of housing production has rise (+84%).  Nationwide, lot development STILL lags the pace of home production, and is still trying to catch up.

In some markets, the lot production machine is in full gear, and has caught up with demand.  This is a good sign for builders, and a vital turning point for home production in 2015 and beyond.

The Top Ten States for Second-Quarter Lot Production

State 2Q14 Starts 2Q14 Lot Deliveries
1. Texas 19,714 18,931
2. Florida 12,416 10,974
3. California 10,050 10,219
4. North Carolina 4,866 3,168
4. Georgia 4,489 1,270
6. Colorado 3,985 3,276
7. Arizona 3,519 4,596
8. Maryland 2,436 2,122
9. Utah 2,328 2,498
10. Virginia 2,198 1,850

Note that California lot production has caught up with its new home production.  Same with Arizona and Utah.   Florida development is woefully far behind demand for lots, hence the skyrocketing cost of finished lots there.

Metrostudy defines “future lots” as those that are in the pipeline (some are pre-entitlement), and Florida has the deepest pipeline.   Below are the top 10 states for future development lots.

Top 10 States for Future Development Lots 2Q14

State Future Inventory
1. Florida 1,597,055
2. California 1,378,299
3. Arizona 1,213,476
4. Texas 651,413
5. Colorado 406,613
6. Georgia 316,956
7. Illinois 281,054
8. Nevada 227,121
9. Maryland 194,829
10. Virginia 183,613

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