For years, buyers re-ceived their homeowner’s manual on closing day, a thick, encyclopedic volume that may have been read just once by the average ­homeowner.

Now, Constellation HomeBuilder Systems is marketing BuildServ, a series of multimedia products that help create an ­interactive experience between the builder and the home buyer during the standard one-year warranty period.

Instead of handing buyers a ­paper manual, BuildServ appeals to today’s technology-savvy buyers by letting them view maintenance and warranty information on a CD-ROM, via a flash drive, or online. Home buyers who want printed materials may also receive paper versions.

The CD, flash drive, and online version offer videos of standard maintenance issues such as caring for the new home’s floors or the HVAC system. Home buyers are prompted every quarter to view the videos and access the user guides via targeted e-mails. Some builders opt to send the e-mails for several years beyond the warranty period. Posting the information electronically saves builders paper and mailing costs and helps them connect with buyers.

BuildServ, which is sold as a service to home builders starting at $500 a month, is also the name of the company Constellation acquired last summer. BuildServ has about 30 customers. Visit for more information.