The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its latest Producer Price Index, which shows prices received by producers (prior to sales to consumers). The index increased 0.5% in June, according to David Logan of the NAHB's Eye on Housing.

The increase was driven by a 0.4% increase in the price of services, while the final demand index for goods rose 0.8% (the price of services is weighted roughly double the price of goods in the index). Roughly 75% of the increased prices for goods was attributable to a 4.1% climb in energy prices.

For construction materials, the PPI was a mixed bag.

Gypsum price continued to slide in June, declining 1.8% after dropping 1.1% in the prior month. The price of ready mix concrete rebounded from a 0.5% decrease in May, increasing 0.2%. OSB prices rose by 2.7% in June–the fourth consecutive monthly increase–and have risen 20% since February 2016.

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