Visual Capitalist's Jeff Desjardins visits the evergreen "millennial riddle" with an infographic and analysis of why the largest demographic wave remains absent from the home-buying market.

Set back by challenges including student loans, a low savings rate, and housing prices, millennials' lack of activity in the market has sunk the country's home-ownership rate to 62.9%—a record-tying low. Almost one-third (33.2%) of millennials believe they are 3-5 years out from buying a home, while another 24.4% think that they are at least five years away.

Why are they waiting? The majority of potential millennial home buyers are strapped for cash with less than $1,000 in savings. Meanwhile, the average student loan balance is $37,173 per student, which makes taking out a mortgage more challenging and less responsible. There are other factors, too. The median age for marriage is as at a record-high, and it’s harder to enter the real estate market these days. Credit standards have changed since the Financial Crisis as well, making it more difficult to get approval.

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