Successful custom home builders create unique luxury residences, but follow the same formula for success: keen attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and outstanding client service. They foster strong client relationships that begin with a vision that is executed for client satisfaction. Maintaining control is vital to the process, as is expert communication every step of the way.

It’s easy to forget, that buyers and builders conclude their business at the settlement table and that helping clients arrange a mortgage loan with a customer-service oriented lender can build even more goodwill. An experienced mortgage loan officer (MLO) can provide the same level of responsiveness and guidance that you do when it comes to your clients and their needs. Having relationships with knowledgeable MLOs allows you to deliver value-added service that helps you build stronger client relationships from start to finish.

Here are a few reasons to form relationships with MLOs:

  1. MLOs offer responsive, personalized service. Customer service distinguishes MLOs at your local bank from mortgage brokers. Local banks want to maintain relationships with clients, and that means providing service and attention. MLOs create that connection with responsive communication from loan origination through the underwriting process to the closing table and beyond.
  2. MLOs provide guidance. The best MLOs guide buyers based on the buyers’ unique financial circumstances. They consider numerous factors that can impact loan approval, rates and terms, and advise accordingly.
  3. Banks offer control. Banks lend directly to clients, and this factor alone establishes more control over outcome and responsiveness―including the ability to make swift decisions during the loan process. Since bank MLOs are part of the decision-making process, they have the ability to consider special circumstances and weigh in on exceptions to meet buyers’ needs. Furthermore, with fewer layers of management, streamlined approvals are possible when issues do arise.

As a custom builder, you commit your personal attention and expertise to clients who want to turn dreams into reality. To fortify your brand’s customer-service orientation, find local mortgage loan officers who are knowledgeable and just as committed to your clients as you are. Your local banks’ MLOs can make the home buying experience live up to the magic for you and your client, building goodwill through every step of the process―including the mortgage process.

Ray Rodriguez, regional sales manager in the metro-NY area at TD Bank. You can follow him on LinkedIn.