Barry Rutenberg, Chairman of the Board, NAHB, Washington, D.C.
Barry Rutenberg, Chairman of the Board, NAHB, Washington, D.C.

For many people, June is a time of celebration. Graduations, marriages, even the beginning of summer vacation and backyard barbecue season are all cause for Americans to celebrate the good things in life.

At the NAHB, June is when we observe something else we associate with the good life—homeownership. On the NAHB calendar, June is National Homeownership Month, when we make a special effort to mark the importance of homeownership to the American way of life and to ensure that the public and lawmakers understand what homeownership and housing contribute to families and to the nation.

To that end, we provide members and HBAs with numerous resources to take the message about homeownership to the public. Among the materials that members can find at are:

  • Articles that can be used in a company newsletter or submitted to a local newspaper;

  • Print ads;

  • Ads for use on websites;

  • A variety of consumer handouts for use in sales offices and at home shows;

  • Talking points about homeownership; and

  • A guide to using social media to promote homeownership.

While it’s always been important to take the message about homeownership to the public, the task is even more urgent today because housing and homeownership are facing unprecedented challenges.


In fact, homeownership is under attack. Even though homeownership is a key to stable communities, family prosperity, and the nation’s economy, legislative and regulatory proposals now under consideration would harm homeowners, home buyers, the housing market, and the nation’s economy.

These proposals—such as limiting or eliminating the mortgage interest deduction—would reverse the policies that helped to create a thriving middle class and contributed to a century of economic progress. They would prevent the home building industry from creating millions of jobs that our economy needs. And they would change the rules for millions of people who have sacrificed to get where they are and have made plans for the future based on current policies.

These proposals would also force millions of families to delay homeownership or even give up hope of ever owning a home. And they would drive down home values while delaying full economic recovery.

It goes without saying that the excesses that contributed to the housing market crisis need to be corrected. But these proposals would overcorrect to the disadvantage of the same people who are already suffering from the problems these legislative and regulatory proposals are intended to fix.

Ironically, even as we celebrate National Homeownership Month, the need to protect homeownership has never been greater.

The NAHB is focusing a great deal of effort this year on ensuring that candidates for public office and elected officials understand what’s at stake and asking them to commit to making housing a national priority.

I urge you to support this effort in every way possible and to visit to learn more about the unprecedented threats to homeownership. While on the site, be sure to sign the NAHB’s petition to Congress to ensure that housing is a national priority.

It will take the combined efforts of our entire federation and the home buyers and homeowners we serve to ensure that we continue to have something to celebrate during National Homeownership Month.