Attendees of the Housing Leadership Summit in Laguna Niguel welcomed General William Lyon into BUILDER's Hall of Fame for a lifetime of achievement and excellence. General Lyon, Orange County division president Brian Doyle, and William H. Lyon, ceo of William Lyon Homes, joined proceedings at HLS.

In a luncheon salute to special guest of honor General Lyon, BUILDER's John McManus said, "He’s a giant in our community; he’s built a name; he’s built neighborhoods; he’s built trust and discipline and an example for others to follow in this business."

Here's a link that notes some of the achievements in business, the military, and among the many organizations and initiatives General Lyon has engaged in.

William Lyon Homes was a stand-out performer among the Builder 100 this past year, which you can see here.

Here's another piece from BUILDER, which notes that even at the age of 91, General Lyon is still active in the day-to-day at William Lyon Homes.