Curbed's Alissa Walker takes a look how the American residential landscape is changing by means of a new book, The New Better Off: Reinventing the American Dream, by Courtney Martin.

In the book. Martin presents a disheartening statistic: two-thirds of Americans do not believe they will live better off than their parents. She presents the argument that millennials are living much differently than their previous generations, and are, for the most mart, unable to afford buying the houses their parents did. She shares five insights she discovered about how homes are changing:

“People like Janelle Orsi [known as the “Sharing Lawyer”] are working on new models of home ownership altogether where, for example, someone agrees to be a steward of the neighborhood's affordability when they buy, meaning they never sell over a certain cap. It's all pretty experimental, but it gives me hope that there are creative ways ethical people are trying to challenge these complex problems.”

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