Donald J. Trump has branded the Trump name as the 'very, very best' in everything he does. His promotional tactics promise a lot, such that a new Miami tower will 'redefine market expectations of luxurious condominium living.'

The New York Times looked into 60 business ventures Trump has led during his career, including real estate, consumer goods, travel and golf, and media deals. Of those, the reporters examined 27 of his real estate endeavors, in which they found only 7 measured up to expectation, 12 failed and 8 were a mix of problems and success.

The analysis boils down to love of media attention and reliance on public opinion for business decisions.

Jim Dowd, who advised Mr. Trump on public relations and marketing from 2004 to 2010, recalled that Mr. Trump typically took a personal interest in each news release, marking up drafts with a red pen he kept on his desk.

“We would draft a quote for him, but he would always rewrite it, making it much larger than life,” Mr. Dowd said in an interview earlier this year. (Mr. Dowd died last month.)

There were some common terms: “Huge, billions — those words would have to be in there,” Mr. Dowd said. “Definitely ‘unprecedented.’ Definitely ‘the best of the best.’”

When asked about these failed ventures, Trump acknowledged he would announce a deal or a plan before it was concrete to 'gauge the public's response.' Essentially, he tried to see if he could sell the public on the idea before he did it. Trump told the New York Times it's "an awfully good way of testing things... there's no investment, as opposed to doing the deal and letting it be a failure."

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