Employers have been frantically trying to find out how to attract and retain top millennial talent in the last 10 years, with concepts like unlimited vacation, no defined office hours, or monthly ping pong tournaments.

All those perks are just bonuses, though. They're the nice-to-have's not the need-to-have's. For millennials, argues William Vanderbloemen, the best perk an employer can provide is a sense of purpose.

People, especially millennials, are looking for a blend of behaviors, beliefs, and values that groups of people share. They’re looking for a job that does more than just pay bills. They want a team. They want a company that is contributing something to make the world a better place. They want collaboration. Setting up a big TV that airs SportsCenter can’t offer this. It must come from the type of culture that you, the entrepreneur, set forth to build.

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