Americans currently believe that Republican candidate Donald Trump would be better for the housing market, according to a Harris Poll conducted for Trulia. Staffer David Weidner takes a look at the results of the survey which reals that 39% of Americans believe that housing prices would rise a little/a lot if Trump were elected compared to only 29% for Hillary Clinton.

Strangely, both parties voted that the opposite candidate would make housing prices increase. Ralph McLaughlin, Trulia’s chief economist, commented on American knowing little about either's housing plans as that has not been a major issue in this year's election:

“Voters shouldn’t necessarily be surprised by the little attention that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have paid to housing this election cycle,” McLaughlin said. “Eight years ago, housing and the economy were the main talking points of Obama and Romney because millions of homeowners were going through foreclosure and the economy was in shambles."

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