North Dakota and West Virginia are the states getting hit hardest in net jobs losses.

Wall Street Journal staffer Jeffrey Sparshott looks at the gory Labor Department details of the hit on employment in states whose economies tie umbilically to producing energy.

Sparshott spotlights how the freefall in oil prices, impacting the need for coal and other mined energy resources, has triggered a domino-effect series of job losses in a few regions that a couple of years ago were high-flyers in the recovery. Sparshott writes:

North Dakota lost 18,800 jobs, or 4% of the total nonfarm payrolls, from December 2014 to December 2015 and West Virginia shed 11,800, or 1.5%, the Labor Department said Tuesday. Wyoming, another state with a significant natural resources sector, also saw big losses. The bulk of the downturn came in the mining sector, which includes activities related to oil, gas and coal extraction.

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