Millennials came about during a huge change in the world, and their priorities and expectations are very different from older generations.

Barry Ritholtz of The Big Picture blog posts up a Goldman Sachs analysis on millennials that acknowledges that they are going to soon reshape the entire economy, which will ultimately change the way people buy and sell. Millennials are now entering their home-buying years, and more are ready to settle down in the future, which could help future home sales.

Millennials’ affinity for technology is reshaping the retail space. With product information, reviews and price comparisons at their fingertips, Millennials are turning to brands that can offer maximum convenience at the lowest cost.

Millennials have been reluctant to buy items such as cars, music and luxury goods. Instead, they’re turning to a new set of services that provide access to products without the burdens of ownership, giving rise to what's being called a "sharing economy."

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