The 2016 Assets and Opportunity Scorecard paints a sobering picture for blacks and Hispanics, as it shows they fall behind whites in many economic categories. CNN/Money staffer Tanzina Vega reports on this gap and why it persists.

One area that is key to building wealth where blacks and Hispanics fall behind is homeownership:

Blacks and Hispanics don't get a break when it comes to owning a home either. On average, 71% of whites own a home, compared to 41% of blacks and 45% of Hispanics.

That number matters because owning a home "is the primary vehicle of wealth building in this country," especially for people of color, Greer said. Because whites tend to have more wealth, they are more likely to get money from family members to help with a down payment or other costs associated with buying a home than buyers of color.

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