Truck stop

A new study examines the correlation between economy and the geographic location of food trucks in our nation's capital. CityLab's Richard Florida and Aria Bendix take a look at the five biggest takeways from this report created by Elliot Anenberg of the Washington, D.C. Federal Reserve System and Edward Kung of UCLA.

The data used for the study is from daily Washington D.C. food truck locations, with social media data from Twitter and Google Trends. One of the takeaways was food trucks cause households to spend more money on eating out :

Ultimately, the study concludes that the share of money spent on food away from home was positively correlated with the Google search activity for food trucks (again, a proxy for the size of the food truck market). While food trucks tend to be cheaper than standard restaurants, the authors argue that food truck variety—not price—had the greatest impact on this type of household spending.

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