Financial adviser Scott Hanson has been helping people retire for 25 years, but, he writes in a piece for Next Avenue, he may never retire himself.

There are two main reasons people continue to work – they can’t afford to or they don’t want to.

Boomers, Hanson writes, have taken note of their parents’ retirements and are deciding to go a different route. People who can soon retire aren’t looking for a situation in which they have little responsibility and interact with very few people.

People who are approaching traditional retirement age often want to stay involved in the marketplace, and they want to do it on their terms. While they don’t want the grinding 60-hour workweeks they may have endured at the peak of their careers, they very much want to continue to work, to serve and to add value to the lives of others.

That’s Hanson’s plan, too.

The new model of retirement, pioneered by younger boomers, is the way to go. With some planning and intention, most of us will be able to find ways to stay active and involved, and to live a life that not only keeps us interested, but provides value to others.

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