CareerBliss Happiest Jobs in America 2016

Forbes staffer Kathryn Dill taps into job search engine CareerBliss for a snapshot of the job titles that correlate highest with job satisfaction on a number of levels, including pay, of course.

Dill notes that technology jobs are prevalent on the list, although "recruiters," a job whose focus is on bringing happy, talented, overachievers into organizations, ranks the highest. Guess which one is at the opposite end of the beam. Right! Sales account manager. Here, per Dill, is a look at some of the criteria CareerBliss measures for its rankings:

In addition to compensation, CareerBliss evaluated employee sentiment regarding relationship with one’s boss and coworkers, work environment, professional resources, opportunities for growth, regular tasks, company culture and reputation, and how much control an employee has over the work they do on a daily basis. A minimum of 20 employee reviews from 2015 and 2016 of each job was required for inclusion on the list.

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