The U.S. economy has improved significantly since the low-point of the Great Recession, adding more jobs each day. The analysts at NewGeography set out to find which markets have added the most white-collar jobs, specifically in the vast realm of professional and business services.

This is not only the largest high-wage part of the economy, employing just under 20 million people at an average salary of $30 an hour, it’s also one the few high-wage sectors in which employment has expanded steadily since 2010, at more than 3% a year, adding nearly 3 million white-collar jobs.

Nashville, Tenn. has seen business service employment grow 47.2% since 2010 to 152,700 jobs, with 7.7% growth last year alone. It ranked first on the list of large cities. Nashville’s appeal to millennials is unsurpassed, with the strongest growth rate in net migration of college-educated people aged 25-34 of any metro area in the country, and the reasons are not hard to find. It’s a charming city located in a temperate part of the country, with both excellent, and affordable, urban and suburban options.

The San Francisco-Redwood City-South San Francisco MSA placed second among large cities with a growth rate of 45% since 2010. That was slightly faster than third-ranked Austin-Round Rock, which clocked 42% growth over the same span, and No. 4 San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, where business services employment expanded 36%.

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