Sunrun Inc. Chief Executive Lynn has won accolades in Silicon Valley for her business acumen and leadership style, but her company’s shares have still been battered alongside other solar stocks “amid concerns about regulation, the fallout from a recent high-profile bankruptcy, and leaner prospects for some of the largest companies in the space,” reports MarketWatch staffer Claudia Assis.

Sunrun shares have lost nearly 50% this year, compared with gains of 6.5% for the S&P 500 index. The stock’s decline over the past 12 months also hovers around 50%, compared with a gain of nearly 10% for the S&P.

Though Sunrun has struggled, so too have other solar companies like SolarCity Corp. and Vivint Solar Inc., which are down 64% and 67% respectively on the year.

“Solar is not an easy business,” Jurich said, “but I didn’t expect that.”

Broadly, solar stocks have been derailed by uncertainty about regulatory situations in several states. Consumers have exhibited reluctance to turn an interest in solar power into signed contracts for installation.

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