Sumitomo Forestry Co. has acquired a 51% stake in Australia’s Wisdom Properties Group, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Sumitomo Forestry America, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Forestry Co., controls several builder brands in the U.S., including Frederick, Md.-based Dan Ryan Builders; Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas-based Gehan Homes; Texas-based Bloomfield Homes Group; and Washington state-based Henley USA Group, which controls MainVue Homes.

In Australia, Wisdom Homes builds about 400 houses annually, with more than 150 employees and 500 construction contractors.

Sumitomo Forestry joins a spread of Japanese home builders active in the Australian market, from Sekisui House and Daiwa House through to specialists such as Ichijo Homes, a project home builder.

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