Getting a good night’s sleep is better for your health and mood, but new reports also says it can earn you more money, reports MarketWatch staffer Alessandra Malito.

Recent findings show that sleeping more sparks productivity and efficiency, which, in the long run, increases your paycheck, according to a paper by Williams College’s Matthew Gibson and Jeffrey Shrader from the University of California at San Diego.

“After about seven days during which [people] sleep six hours a night, they perform almost as badly on tasks as someone deprived of sleep one night,” Gibson said.

Gibson and Shrader studied locations where the time of sunset causes people to sleep more, in which case they earned higher wages. The human body responds to solar cues, Gibson said, and people are likely to feel tired when the sun begins to go down. Sleeping properly — such as getting the recommended seven to nine hours a night with as little distraction as possible — makes a person better at performing his or her tasks, which affects earnings.

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