From 2005-2012, the share of millennials (ages 18-34) living at home with their parents has increased from 28.2% to 33.5%. Zillow staffer Aaron Terrazas takes a look at this increase and examines the patterns among younger millennials (18-25) and older millennials (26-34).

Younger millennials living with their parents far outnumbered older millennials, peaking at 55.5% in 2012 compared to only 12.9% of older millennials. However since 2012, the number of young millennials living at home has begun to decrease while the number older millennials living at home has begun to increase:

Younger adults may be finding stronger job prospects in a largely recovered labor market even as their older peers continue to struggle, perhaps scarred by tough employment prospects in their early working years. Younger adults might also be willing to live with roommates or in less-expensive (often lower-quality) housing than their older peers.

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