A left-leaning think tank reports that, according to the Census Bureau, many U.S. households are seeing a rise in income. Hispanics, it says, are seeing the greatest rise of any group and households headed by Americans without high school diplomas are seeing their first meaningful gains since the 1990s.

Brookings staffer Robert Shapiro takes a look this data from the census bureau to show the income progress that has been made by different groups:

The data also show that the incomes of millennial Hispanic households grew 5.4 percent per-year in 2013 and 2014....To be sure, not all millennials did nearly so well: The household incomes of those without high-school diplomas, which had declined an average of 1.0 percent per-year from 2009 to 2012, rose 3.1 percent in 2013 and 2014—while the incomes of households headed by millennials with high school diplomas or college degrees grew 5 percent per year.

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